For more than 100 years, Akaushi cattle have undergone genetic improvements, with their genetics guarded and not permitted into the international cattle market; until 1994 when eight Akaushi cows and three bulls were brought to the United States. The cows made their way to the U.S. through a now closed loophole; the U.S.-Japan Trade Act of 1992. The resulting genetics of many of these original genetics are represented in our donor females. We continue to respect the foundation genetics and strive to make them better with each mating and generation.

History of Legendary Foundation Cow Families


Kaedemaru has one of the most interesting stories you’ll ever hear. She was the live calf of Dai 3 Namiaki Ni, who was imported from Japan, and sired by Dai 10 Mitsumaru. She is the only living animal from the group of Akaushi that went to Canada in the 90’s. Kaedemaru was purchased by Bill Fisher and brought to TX because of her outstanding phenotype and rare pedigree. Dai 10 Eihou and Dai 3 Namiaki are what represents her maternal outcross lineages. Kaedemaru is still alive to this day.


The Akiko line has had as much name recognition as any genetic line in modern day Akaushi cattle. Akiko was said to be one of the stoutest Akaushi females ever. Her Shigemaru daughters are maternal legends due to their proven cow power and have impacted the breed monumentally.


Fuyuko was one of the best looking, well-built females in her day. Her Big Al daughters have left their mark on Akaushi history. She lived to be 20+ years of age and many of our highest performing and most impactful females today trace back to her.


Ume and Haruko are two females that can’t be found in many pedigrees but are very prominent in quality. They represent such a small percentage of the Akaushi cattle in the western hemisphere…but when you find one of their offspring you can count on a few things: (1) They will have many years of production in their tenure, (2) They will be top of the herd in terms of offspring quality, and (3) You can’t take your eyes off of them!

(Picture: Daughter of 504E)


It doesn’t get any harder to find than these two! 504E is the one referred to as the “Elephant Cow”. She is the natural calf of Ume born in 1995. She got her name due to her impressive body mass and large feet.


Ringo 117 is the natural calf of the famous cow Dai 8 Marunami and was born in Japan in 1994. Finding daughters and granddaughters of these genetic lines are not easy but you can trace Ringo back in several of our foundation females.

Legendary Donor Cows


Sire: Rueshaw
Dam: Akiko

Referred as the “Z Cow” and also one of the most consistent producing females in our line up. I direct daughter of the highly sought after Rueshaw and out of the infamous Akiko. The Z cow is the dam of our herd sire Brady and “Mickey”. She represents everything you would want in a donor female.


S7095N may be one of the best looking Akaushi females we have created. She is backed by an outstanding pedigree being a Shig X T504E (The Elephant Cow) daughter. She is balanced, eye appealing and as correct as any.

S1029 “Nikki”

Sire: Shigemaru
Dam: Akiko

Akiko daughters represent some of the best females in our program and the breed as a whole, she is thought to be one of the best foundation females in the breed. S1029 combines Shig and Akiko and is one that everyone that sees her is drawn too.


Sire: Big Al 
Dam: Fuyuko

Big Al x Fuyuko cows represent some of the most productive and long lasting females in the foundation herd at HeartBrand. B0589N has made her tenure due to fertility, longevity and weaning stout calves year after year. B0589N is a massive, high performing female that has created many outstanding daughters working in the Legendary herd.

B0445N “Brooke”

Sire: Big Al 
Dam: Yamato 117

Yamato 117 (Ringo) represents a rare genetic piece in the Akaushi breed and was the natural calf of Dai 8 Marunami born in Japan in 1994. B0445N represents the best of this genetic line.  She is big footed, broody and super stout and replicates this in her offspring.


Sire: Shigemaru 
Dam: Akiko

S3036R is a result of the marquee mating Shigemaru x Akiko.  This direct daughter of Akiko is beautiful in her design, with style to burn and has impacted the base herd of Legendary as much as any.


Sire: Shigemaru 
Dam: Ume

S1741P is one of the more impressive red females you’ll ever seen in person. She truly has that stop and stare factor because of her balance, correctness of design and elegant look of quality. A visitor favorite for many years.


Sire: Big Al 
Dam: Fuyuko

B1815P is a flush mate sister to B0589N and represents the elite bloodlines of Big Al x Fuyuko. She has worked tremendous in the past when mated to Shigemaru and the resulting calves have been standouts.


Sire: Shigemaru 
Dam: Akiko

S0041 is Shigemaru X Akiko daughter that is the epitome of cow power. This female is as prolific as any we have worked with and continues to impact our program each and every year with progeny and grand progeny.

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