Introducing Akaushi genetics to your herd is absolutely the answer to producing beef that excels in increasing quality grade in your herd . The sire line up we have assembled at Legendary is unequaled and provides you the opportunity to utilize the genetics of sires that trace back to some of the most elite foundation genetics in the breed. Many are direct sons and a few sires available our direct foundation sires themselves.

Legendary Akaushi Herdsires

Brady 2627A

AAA Registration Number: AF52168
AWA Registration Number: FB30265
Date of Birth: November 10, 2013
Sire: Rueshaw
Dam: Z Cow

The value of a pedigree such as this is immeasurable here at Legendary Akaushi. Brady 2627A is a complete outcross to three of our foundation bulls: Shigemaru, Tamamaru, and Hikari. We expect this deep, red, direct son of Rueshaw to inject the well-known marbling ability and angularity to rear skeleton of his father, as well as the maternal strength and longevity of his cornerstone dam, the “Z” cow. Brady modernizes foundation genetics and brings the mating versatility that the breed has been in search of.

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SOR Hiromitsu 1090

Date of Birth: January 1, 2016 
Sire: WSI Umemano 
Dam: WSI Kaedemaru 2

This 3 time National Champion bull is said by all who have seen him to be one of the best Akaushi bulls they have ever seen. Hiromitsu creates balance, structural integrity and combines muscle in a spectacular visual package. To add to this he is backed by the impeccable Kaedemaru cow family and sired by the foundation genetics of Usemano. Inquire about semen and add these champion genetics to your program.

LAG Honjo Masamune 1099

AAA Registration Number: EAF95735
AWA Registration Number: FB24705
Date of Birth: January 20, 2016
Sire: Red Emperor
Dam: Kaedemaru

Honjo is one of the most phenotypically impressive Akaushi bulls there is. He has a great combination of flawless design, muscularity and impeccable breeding. He is the last living male descendant from the legendary cow Kaedemaru. Honjo’s maternal Grandma is the Japanese import Namiaki Ni, that came to America in the mid 90’s. Kaedemaura created a genetic giant when mated to Red Emperor with Honjo.

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SOR Hastings 1066

AAA Registration Number: EAF97355
AWA Registration Number: FB23378
Date of Birth: March 1, 2015
Sire: Big Al
Dam: Kaedemaru #2

Hastings is the top Big Al X Kaedemaru #2 son and is an exciting young sire in the Legendary Akaushi line up. He is genetically exceptional in marling, being ranked 2nd in Legendary’s Proprietary Marbling Index and scored .35 units higher than Big Al! Hastings resembles Big Al’s functional and fleshy body type, feet and leg structure and is good natured. Full sib embryos to Hastings sold in the The Grandeur Sale at the 2016 AWA Convention for $2000 per embryo. Capture his exciting genetics for your program.

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Come and Take It Son

Come and Take It

Registration Number: C4081S 
Sire: Heartbrand H0518E 
Dam: Akiko
Price: $200straw

C4081S is a F11 free grandson of Hikari and backed by tremendous cow power! His dam is the foundation cow Akiko from Japan and transmits her additional body mass and stoutness while proving to be easy calving. His sire, 518, is out of Dai 8 Marunami. She was given the governor’s stamp of Kumamoto on her registration paper and designated to lead a beef improvement project before being sold into the United States. There has never been any 518 semen sold so this is your chance at one of his top son

Foundation Sires

Big Al

Registration Number: HB502E
Sire: Dai-Ju 10 Mitsumaru KO 76 
Dam: Akiko
Price: $850/straw

Big Al was the first bull born outside of Japan in January of 1995. He is almost a full brother in blood to Hikari being sired by Dai 10 Mitsumaru and out of a Namimaru daughter (Akiko). One of the most popular foundation sires for many reasons. The proof is in his progeny. He generates tremendous performance without compromising calving ease and maternal strengths. Big Al is F11 free.


Registration Number: HB 830
Sire: Dai-Ju 10 Mitsumaru KO 76 
Dam: Kazutomo 1KYU 92958
Price: $725/straw

Hikari came to America carrying on the strengths of the dominant Japanese sires Dai 10 Mitsumaru and Namimaru in one package. Hikari sons excel in calving ease and his daughters are some of the heaviest milking Akaushi females in the breed. His impact on the breed will be long lasting. Hikari is F11 carrier.


Registration Number: HB 457
Sire: Dai-Ni 2 Shigenami Tokkyu 27 
Dam: Dai-Yon 4 Akibare Tokkyu 3357
Price: $725/straw

This is the most versatile foundation bull to make Akaushi cattle more dimensional and thicker. He has proven over the years to make broody daughters and powerful sons. Shigemaru is the paternal brother to Namimaru the famous cow maker who sired Akiko, Namiko, Kazutomo, and Ringo 117. Shigemaru is F11 carrier.

Samsung S0947P

Registration Number: S0947P
Sire: Shigemaru 
Dam: Haruko
Price: $400/straw

This F11 free Shigemaru son that is one of the oldest living Akaushi sires still alive. His decade of longevity is due to a number of reasons: (1) impeccable feet and legs, (2) quality of progeny, and (3) fertility. His dam, Haruko, is a foundation female that was imported from Japan in the mid 90’s. Legendary Akaushi Genetics is proud to acquire and offer semen on this proven herdsire.


Registration Number: HB 459
Sire: Dai-Go 5 Tamanami Tokkyu 96 
Dam: Dai-Hachi 8 Marunami
Price: $725/straw

Tamamaru is one of the most widely used and predictable Akaushi bulls due to his consistency and legendary mother, Dai 8 Marunami. There’s no other foundation sire that can add the length of body and stoutness of structure. His sire, Dai 5 Tamanami Tokkyu 96 provides a slight outcross to the rest of the 1994 importation. Tamamaru is a paternal sib to the foundation cow Dai 9 Kobai 73. Tamamaru is F11 free.


Registration Number: AF6808
Sire: Ruemei H39 
Dam: FB2 Kitutama 14285
Price: Call for pricing

The 1975 National Champion bull in Japan was imported into America the subsequent year. He provides outcross genetics to the 1994 importation of reds. Semen is limited in supply. Serious inquires only. Rueshaw is F11 free.

Judo 1223

Registration Number: AF6809
Sire: Shigetakara H 40 
Dam: Sakae RK23331
Price: Call for pricing

Judo was imported with Rueshaw into America in 1976 for research purposes. He is an outcross to the 1994 importation of reds. Semen collected is limited and in high demand in the states. Serious inquires only. Judo is F11 carrier.

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