Welcome to Legendary Akaushi Genetics.

Welcome to Legendary Akaushi Genetics. Your source for elite Akaushi genetics backed by some of the most impactful foundation Akaushi genetics in the world. Since 2015, we have dedicated ourselves to expanding the maternal lines of the Akaushi breed in the United States as well as globally.
Legendary Akaushi Genetics is the brainchild of Mr. Bill Fisher. Mr. Fisher spent many years traveling the world to cultivate the foundational Akaushi genetics to build the Legendary Akaushi Genetics program. Today, the program is dedicated to producing the best Akaushi cattle both domestically and internationally. The genetics Legendary Akaushi Genetics has assembled will rival any breeder around.


At Legendary, we have assembled some of the most sought-after genetic lines in the world and offer semen on our elite lineup of herd sires. We have semen available on all bulls within the U.S. as well as exportable semen on selected sires.


One of the fastest ways to advance a program is through the implementation of embryo transfer. Legendary Akaushi Genetics prides itself in providing matings of some of the most sought-after genetics in the breed for your use.

Live Cattle

We are continually striving to create cattle that represent elite genetic profiles. In addition to frozen genetics, we offer a select group of bulls and females year around.